The Art and Blessings of Surrendering

I have not written an article or a blog post for a few weeks now.  My life had gotten quite busy and I realized I wouldn’t be able to keep up with everything on my list.  Further, I realized I needed a break.  Thankfully, the past month has included a 2 week vacation to Hawaii.  Two weeks of wearing just a bathing suit, sundress and flip flops each day was just what the doctor ordered.  My biggest dilemma each day was deciding which beach and/or pool to visit.  Oh and of course, where to get my daily coffee, Island Vintage Coffee or Honolulu Coffee.  These are important decisions!

When I started my vacation, the word “surrender” kept popping into my head.  Surrender is not a word I normally use or see in my vocabulary.  But it kept popping into my head, and I began to think and feel what that meant for me. 

The past few years I have had my foot on the accelerator.  I have been working hard on my goals, which typically seem to focus on career and work.  The past couple of months I have noticed I am not making the progress I would like to be making.  How can that be?  I’m working so hard and taking consistent action steps!  Why am I not manifesting what I say I desire?


There’s that word again.

It seemed like a good word conceptually, but how can I actually surrender?  How does that look in the 3D world?  I just sat with it, because honestly, I didn’t know what else to do.  I remained curious.  This was definitely a road that was leading somewhere.

Upon my return home, I geared up for the inevitable return to daily life.  I also knew there were decisions and steps I needed to take in my career and work life.  These decisions also relate to my website and how I am proceeding with its content.

I didn’t know what to do.

I didn’t know what decision to make.

But I felt the need to take action.  Wow, old habits can sometimes die hard.

Then I thought….if in doubt about what to do, don’t do anything at all.  There it is.  I won’t do anything.  I’ll just continue with status quo for a bit.  I was about 80% accepting of this notion, but there was another part to it.  How do you just stop thinking about something?  Thankfully the universe had my back.

I’ll say I decided to focus on another area of my life, but to say I “decided” doesn’t quite feel right.  I feel like I was guided.  I feel like God was telling me to focus on something else, and I knew what that was.  I realized that I wanted to spend some time looking for a relationship.  I have been single for a while and have not put any effort into meeting anyone.

I have now been home for six days, and in that time I have spent all my free time cleaning and organizing my home.  And I mean CLEANING.  I have taken car loads of stuff away.  I realize I am creating a home that would be welcoming to a new partner.  I can’t even say I was aware that this is why I was doing this. The awareness has come afterwards.  I just felt the urge to clean and purge.

An important component to manifesting is that we are to act and be, exactly how we would be if we had manifested what we want.  This also meant I needed to look at some of my habits.  I have been mindful about how I conduct myself, but I have to admit there were a few habits I don’t feel like I’d want any potential partner seeing.  These habits thankfully aren’t too unappealing, but really, do I want any potential partner seeing that I don’t always hang up my clothes right away?  OK, I always don’t hang up my clothes right away.  Isn’t that what the bedroom chair is for?  They say it takes 30 days to change a habit, I’m on day 7 and so far so good.

What is probably most important here is that I feel inspired to be doing this.  I feel joy and happiness.  My foot is off the accelerator and I’m just coasting.  I’m on a lovely drive in a luxury car with gorgeous scenery. 

All the while I’m doing this, I’m not even thinking about my career.  Hmmmm…this kind of feels like surrender.  What it also feels like is space creation.  I feel like I am peeling off the layers of the onion as I experience new levels of awareness. 

I was pushing so hard with work and career that I wasn’t allowing any energy or divine inspiration to enter my world.  I had closed off all the space.  That’s why I haven't been progressing in that area.

Further, I am creating the space in my home and in my heart to meet someone new. 

I realized there is more than one type of space creation. 

In my work, I am creating space by stopping all the action steps I am taking.  I am shifting my energy away from thinking and focusing on it all the time.  I was pushing too hard on results, which became suffocating to divine inspiration.

In my romantic life, I am creating space literally in my home for a new person to enter my life.  For me, my home is my sanctuary and I have not been giving is that respect for a long time.  By spending time and energy in making it more inviting, I am opening it up to having company.  I am also enjoying it more. 

I am so creating space by removing some blocks I had created for myself.  I wasn’t being exactly the person I would want to be in a relationship.  I was putting all sorts of negative energy between me and my intended goal.  That energy is now clear.

I realize what the universe was trying to tell me when the word “surrender” kept showing up for me.  It was more than just saying “let go”, or “release”, it was telling me to stop trying so hard and surrender how it’s going to manifest.  Surrender to what is in my highest good.  Surrender to divine timing and divine order.  My job now is to create the space and opportunity for God and the universe to work their magic.  I am open to receive their divine blessings.  

My hope with everything I write and publish to my website is that I create content that is helpful to people.  That my experience helps someone along in their journey.  As humans, we need to stick together to help each other navigate this journey called life.  It’s a crazy ride, but if you pay attention, it can also be quite glorious.   Is there an area of your life that you need to stop and surrender to?  I offer you an opportunity to be open to that experience.  It truly has been a joyful one for me.