Tools to Deal with Intense Energy

If you are as sensitive to energies as I am, you may have noticed that the energy has been quite intense the last little while!  Often when energy is intense like this, the Universe wants us to look at a part of ourselves, or a part of our lives that needs healing and possibly changing.

I have developed some strategies that are effective in managing our emotions and our lives through these intense times.  I invite you to try one or all of them.

Participate in joyful activities – What activities give you the most joy?  If you can, carve out some time and pursue those activities that make you feel happy.  When times are hectic this can seem like a luxury. In fact, it is likely one of the most effective tools to get you back on track and feeling more grounded and more able to deal with what’s in front of you.

Spent some quiet time alone – When energy is intense, often areas of our life that need healing or changing can come bubbling to the surface.  That’s not happening for us to ignore.  We need to spend some time to unpack what is going on for us.  An effective way to sort through some of our emotions is to ask ourselves why these emotions are surfacing.  Often when we are in these circumstances we lament over how we’re feeling.  A more effective approach is to ask questions and focus on solutions.  Your brain begins to look for answers.

If you feel discomfort during this process, that’s ok, it won’t last.  Focus on the solutions and how to work through the situation you are dealing with.  If an area of your life looks like it might need changing, ask yourself what action steps you can take today to begin to make those changes.  You will feel more empowered and grounded by doing so.

Spend time in nature – If you feel in a funk, a walk in nature can do wonders.  Soak in the pure, calming energy of Mother Earth and all her little creatures.  Nature offers us a wonderful example of how we can grow, prosper and be healthy.  Trees and plants bend and grow towards the light, knowing the light will nourish them.  They aren’t intent on growing straight, but rather adapt to their circumstances.  I believe we can all learn to let go a little bit more and allow ourselves to flow the way the Universe wants us to.

Mindful breathing – We eliminate the majority of toxins out of our body by our breath.  Deep breathing is also a very effective tool for calming our brain and nervous system.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath and as you do, push out your stomach.   When I first learned how to breathe properly a few years ago this seemed counterintuitive to me.  How do you take a breath and push out your stomach at the same time?  I likened it to patting your stomach and rubbing your head at the same time.  It took a bit of practice, but I mastered the technique.  Once you’ve inhaled, hold your breath for a few seconds, and slowly exhale, completely emptying your stomach and lungs.  Repeat this a few times, as much as necessary.  This is a go-to stress reducer for me that is great because you can do it almost anywhere and it only takes a couple of minutes.

Exercise – If you are caught up in your brain and thoughts, exercise will bring you back into your body and the here and now.  When we are caught up in our thoughts we are often projecting into the future and have lost sight of the present moment.  Exercise will steer your focus to what is going on right now as your thoughts naturally pour to your body.

If you use some of these tools, you will likely find this intense energy a little easier to navigate. Please be kind and loving to yourself and remember that in each moment, you are doing the best you can.  This won’t last forever.