What is it Your Heart Truly Desires?

If you knew that absolutely anything was possible, what would be your greatest desires? I did my first vision board four years ago. It was only a couple of years before that when I even knew what a vision board was, or had even heard of it. Since then I have continually been taking steps towards all of my goals and dreams. They are the guideposts for my life and they determine how I spend my time and energy.

While coaching people, I have discovered that many people simply don’t know what their dreams are, or their dreams are just a concept and not something they are actively working towards. They remain as dreams, not materializing because action steps aren’t planned or taken.

I am sharing 4 ways I have learned in coaching people on being able to imagine and articulate their most sacred, heartfelt dreams. Much of this process involves turning off our logical minds and letting our hearts guide our way.

What is that one thing that you always wanted to do? - Often we have something in our life that we want to accomplish.  Often it’s been a part of us since childhood and it’s something we think about often, but feel scared or nervous about actually trying to accomplish.  What if we fail?  I have found that when I ask most people this question, they almost always have an answer, but they follow their statement up with a "but", about how it can't possibly happen.

We all have that one dream inside of us that we may be scared to even say out loud. That dream is inside of you for a reason. It’s in you for you to realize.  You are here on this earth to fulfill those dreams and feel the ultimately joy of that experience.

Look back upon your life and recall when you felt the most joy. - When you look back on your life, when did you feel the most confident, the happiest, and the most fulfilled?  It could be an experience like horse back riding, or hopping on an airplane heading on a foreign adventure.  Those activities are all signs that you need to listen to.  It’s not always the actions that are your dreams, sometimes it’s the feeling that they denote. What feelings and emotions do you experience when you were doing those activities?  

For example, I love writing. I love words. I love words that make me think. I also love connecting with and helping people. Here I am writing, hopefully making a connection with someone, and helping them in their journey. That is pure joy for me….and incidentally, on my vision board.

Sometimes it takes some analysis and looking at the information you gather from a different angle. It’s like connecting the pieces of a puzzle. I assure you, the puzzle pieces do fit together.

Let go of logic - Don’t worry if you can’t figure out how you are supposed to accomplish your goals, that will come later.  For now, close your eyes and imagine yourself in your most amazing life.  Doing what you want, with whom you want, and having the experiences that you want.  Imagine how you would feel if you had those things and experiences. Soak in every positive emotion that you possibly can. 

Visualization is an incredibly powerful tool. Your brain sees a disconnect between your current reality and the image you have created in your mind.  It tries to close the gap between the two. It does so by introducing situations into your reality that draw you towards the image in your mind. There is a lot of science backing up the power of visualization, which is a large topic all on its own.  For now, just know that you aren’t wasting your time visualizing, there is hard science to prove that this is working for you.

Who do you admire in your life and why?  Do you ever feel jealous of someone, or in certain circumstances? - Those are both powerful indicators of what you want. I look up to people like Oprah Winfrey, Marianne Williamson, and Louise Hay. They are strong courageous women who are speaking their truth and having a positive impact on this world. Knowing how much I admire them helped me realize how much I want to do similar work to what they do. It provided great clarity for me. 

Personally I am not a jealous person by nature, so I know if I feel that pang of jealousy it’s a great indicator of something I need to focus on. Start to notice when you might see the green monster popping up in your life. If you feel jealous when you see someone surrounded by friends and family, maybe it’s time to get out and spend time on your social life and less on work. Don’t hate the green monster, use it!  I actually don’t mind feeling jealousy as I use it as an indicator, a signpost along my journey. 

For example, lately, I feel that slight pang when I hear of someone travelling. Travel is a huge passion of mine and is definitely on my vision board.  I knew the feeling was likely not going to go away so I started taking the steps towards taking a trip. I just booked my vacation last week and I’m super excited.

I encourage you to spend some time with these tools and really think about, and feel your way towards visualizing and writing down your dreams.  Life has a way of passing by with us being pulled in many different directions.  Being aware of your dreams is the first step towards creating your life, rather than just bobbing along, allowing yourself to be carried by what comes along your path.  Be the writer of your life, rather than just an actress or actor. You deserve an amazing life with all your dreams coming true.