Five Easy Steps to Increase Self-Confidence

Would you like to be more confident? I don’t believe there is anyone who would shun the opportunity to be much more confident in their own skin, in their accomplishments, in their relationships, and in their life.  People are not born naturally confident, it is something that needs to be cultivated if you truly want to feel and exude it.

First, let me elaborate on my definition of confidence. Confidence is when you truly believe in your abilities or have a level of trust in a person or situation. There is a level of trust, faith and belief that enters into the experience of confidence. True confidence stems from the core essence of your soul. If you feel confident, you will not need to prove it to anybody. Just knowing it and feeling that way will be adequate. Appearing confident is very different from actually being confident.  Sometimes people will mistaken arrogance for confidence, when in fact, arrogance denotes insecurity.

Here are five ways that will absolutely help you become more confident, and in turn, feel better about yourself.

Honour your commitments to yourself - This is truly one of the most important ways to become more confident. Do you break commitments you make to yourself? Breaking commitments to yourself will eventually erode the trust you have in yourself, your capabilities and your ability to follow through. We often would not break a commitment to someone else, but we have a different standard for ourselves. What is this saying about how we value ourselves?

An easy way to start honouring your commitments is to create smaller, achievable goals.  For example, instead of committing to working out 5 days a week, commit to working out 2 days a week. If you happen to do more, great, but being successful at fulfilling your commitment of 2 days will increase the trust you have in yourself.

Leave your comfort zone regularly - Did you know that your comfort zone will actually shrink if you are not consciously pushing the limits of it? Going out of your comfort zone does not need to be a drastic, scary prospect.  It can simply be taking a different way to work if that’s unusual for you, or it certainly could be sky diving if you are a little more adventurous.  The point is to continually push yourself. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish and each time you do so, your confidence will increase. I have always found that life gets a little boring if I don’t regularly leave my comfort zone. You may find you enjoying your life more.  That’s an exciting bonus!

Learn something new - We all have responsibilities and full lives and sometimes it seems that there isn’t enough time in a day to learn something new.  Again, this doesn’t have to be a time-consuming activity. It can be as simple as listening to a podcast while you’re making dinner, or picking up a book for 15 minutes before bed. The more your knowledge base increases, the less scarier the world will seem. Knowledge is extremely powerful.

Give a gift of confidence to another person - A gift of confidence is when you see something you like, admire, or value in someone else, and you give them positive feedback to reflect your admiration.  An example could be that if you want to be more organized and you have a friend that is super organized, tell them how much you admire their organizational skills.  The universe is so amazing in that it draws back to you what you send out. As you look for positive qualities in others, you will draw them to yourself and hence, will increase your confidence. It will also make the world a better place.  I’m a sucker for a win-win.

Take time each week for yourself - This may sound unrelated to confidence, but it related to self-worth, which in turn leads to confidence.  You are completely worthy of some moments to yourself each week.  If you find yourself protesting as you read this, it means you need that time even more. You are a human being, not a human doing. Honour yourself and all that you do. Honour your kindness, your intelligence and the love that you share in this world.  

If you try any or all of these above tips on a consistent basis, you will absolutely find your confidence level increasing.  You are a worthy, smart, loveable, fantastic, beautiful soul. Give the gift of confidence to yourself.