Imagine looking in the mirror and saying to yourself, “I don’t know who you are anymore”.  That is exactly what happened to Andrea in 2008. She realized she was not happy with herself or her life, and she had completely lost who she was.  She began a quest of self-discovery to find her way back to the core essence of herself and to learn how to create the life she desired.

She eagerly dove into the world of self-development and spent her time reading, listening and learning from every teacher she could find.  She became a passionate student of life and started applying the principles she was learning to her life. Her life began to dramatically change.

At some point Andrea realized she was not learning just for herself any longer. She began helping people by sharing her knowledge and tools that had made a positive impact on her life.  People began telling her that she should start teaching what she knew at a broader level.

Andrea is a results focused leader who has spent much of her professional career creating solutions. She has a 20 year successful career in the corporate world as a CPA, with a background in economics.  She excels in leading diverse teams to facilitate solutions taking into consideration all aspects of a business. Andrea has been very successful coaching one on one to assist individuals achieve success.

Andrea has published articles on Elephant Journal sharing part of her journey with the intention of teaching and inspiring others.

These proven leadership skills, coupled with the vast amount of knowledge and information Andrea has obtained has positioned her to teach and assist others in discovering their most amazing authentic self and creating the life of their dreams.

Andrea is a single parent to two beautiful daughters.  She is passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle in all ways.  She loves to travel and explore new areas of the world and of life. Life truly is an adventure to be embraced and enjoyed.

Published Articles: